It’s BLUSH, in Auckland’s Parnell, and was designed top to toe by Blush owner and creative director, Kelly Karam. Yes, it was Kelly’s idea to make use of that lovely high stud by creating stacked troughs to house the flowers. And her idea to have Powersurge make her a solid brass library ladder (at the risk of sounding like I’m 18, I am obsessed with that ladder) to reach the highest troughs. And her idea to have a massive brass counter custom-made, with handleless drawers in the back. Kelly has an impeccable eye, for interiors as much as for the floral styling she’s known for, for weddings, events, and lucky flower-receiving people. Also – special mention to Think Pack who (in collaboration with Kelly), designed the flower carrier and luxe packaging.  Who wouldn’t love flowers delivered in one of those long pink and gold foil boxes?